Hey there Power Players! Katherine stuck around for a bit talk more about her food anthropology podcast "How It Got In Your Mouth" and about getting the internet before everyone else. The mysogony of vocal fry, and the anti-masturbation policy of Mr. Kellogg (yeah the corn flakes guy) before leaving us alone to finally be a little raunchy and uncivilized again to discuss the Fun Club of Fall 1987.

But first, special news! You'll notice this episode is shorter than our usual movie length commentary. We are parsing out our coverage to let you get more power in manageable increments!

21:00 - Cover. Legend of Zelda and Game of Thrones!

24:40 - Taito 4-way. Legend of Kage. Elevator Action. Renegade and Arkanoid!

27:30 - Howard doesnt have his kid to protect him from our scorn anymore!

28:30 - Hitler cop rises!

29:20 - Metroid news! Burger Time! Karate Kid! Thank God Katherine left....

34:30 - Did all ads have their address and number or just Data East?

35:30 - Kid Icarus get our attention with this artwork. what the hell is a Sqoon dealer?

40:00 - Link and a bird?

41:30 - Super Pitfall!

42:00 - Pro's Corner! suicide calculators!

45:00 - Mario Minus worlds. TEASE!

46:40 - Mighty Bombjack

47:30 - Members Tips. Spawn camping in mario

49:30 - 6 guys in punch-out? I know theres more! Zelda map coverage? I know theres more!

52:30 - Family Fun Fitness. It's the beastiality section of the show!

56:00 - Link Grows up! and Kid Niki

57:40 - Hi Scores and Mike pioneers a new fashion line. And a nic cage guessing game

1:03:00 - Mail Bag. Beat the puma! Howard being a tease again!

1:06:30 - Local Clubs! and Ben remembers an important announcement!

1:08:30 - Profiles. Shady in Nintendo Power, shady in the Fun Club.

1:11:40 - Video Ho ho ho's and heeeeer's Howard! (not a typo) and haircut tangent

1:17:00 - Capcom Game paks and swag

1:20:30 - Nes advantage in detail! Puzzles

1:25:20 - Best Guess Costumes. we get perplexed by some artwork. 3-d world runner

1:31:00 - Outro and outtake!

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