It's a Ben-less episode. Can Mike and John survive without him? If so, in what shape? We get knocked off the rails before we pass the cover.

04:00 - Iron Mike on the cover. with a perfectly timed ad for another game on the inside cover

8:00 - Tyson Tangents

20:00 - Spy Hunter, dating advice with Rad Racer and discontinued 3-d Glasses with dating innuendo

25:00 - Sneak peaks and link love

30:00 - The legendary, craptastic, mythical, magical Mega-Man ad!

35:00 - Dragon Warrior. Do People know what an RPG is? I got a question. Do they know what Dragon warrior is? they messed up a lot

39:00 - LJN multigame combo attack!

40:00 - Pro's Corner - Link! Metroid! Kid Icarus! Rad Racer! Super Mario! Star Fox?

48:00 - Video Ho Ho Ho's and hot hints from SNK

53:00 - Something that passes for reviews! Things's go to shit.....

59:30 - Stuff and things! Binoculars and the power players kit

1:00:00 - Mailbag! Links' whistle and the Konami code! Howard Hate/Love

1:04:30 - Howard Philips does something! John delivers tips!

1:07:20 - Game Tips...weren't we here already? Mike performs a rap written by a fan with beats by John!

1:10:00 - Hands Free Game controller for handicap kids! Mike has concerns.... and has seen this somewhere before....

1:13:30 - Puzzler Place! Lunar Pool! Xanac!

1:16:00 - Nes Advantage! and Outro!

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