We are reading issue 6 of the fun club newsletter! Mike is a little slow on the uptake but he gets on the ball.

Cover - Derp Link and unlicensed sports posters

4:40 - Prez Says with Derp Howard. and Derp Link

9:30 - Ikari warrior and the WTF poster

12:15 - Sneak Peak: Golf, Super Mario Bros 2, Double Dragon, and Punch Out

18:30 - Tips and Tricks, Japanese translation, and reviewers who clearly didn't finish the game

21:20 - Video Ho's Ho's Ho's with special appearance by Ben's neighbour!

24:30 - Tips from Members. and neat posters for cheap! Stuff and Things

27:15 - Mailbag. Jeff isn't a good husband apparently. Amazing Metroid art. Metal Gear swag

33:30 - Freedom Force and what became of Ivan Drago after the fall of the Soviet Union

37:15 - Outro and... The horror....

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