Hey Everybody, we're finishing up on the proto power newsletter, the Nintendo Fun Club. and share some stories of quitting in style, whether its work or this mortal coil.

5:20 - Cover. Sports. Moving on.

8:30 - Mike calls out Howie. We talk Christian Bale and Tom Cruise has a connection to one of our hosts.

15:30 - We talk Metroid. Eventually.

19:00 - Louie Reviewee. Clearly an ad. Special appearance by the parents.

24:15 - Tips and Tricks. Nintendo Power Ad. Mail Bag Tips. we talk LOST.

33:00 - Counsellors. Cobra. Top 5

38:00 - Power Player Profile. With special appearance by Ben's neighbour.

43:30 - New Games coming like Golgob, and Mike is accused of racism? Heaven's no!

53:00 - Outro

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