Howdy power players. Johns' first offical epsiode after being integrated into the Tri-force
There was no issue 13, just the Super Mario 3 strategy guide. So we head back to the past. Join us as we join: The Nintendo Fun Club!

First issue: Winter 1987

00:00 - Intro (botched by Mike)

04:30 - Cover (Headline?) Mario. Psycho mass murderer.

09:30 - Zelda battery pak save games. and Hogans alley zapper game. and police brutality jokes ensue.

13:20 - Super mario-a-thon. With suprising celebrities and startling mario!

18:30 - Mike looses his shit. and gets replaced by a balloon on the tour circuit...

20:00 - Pro Wrestling and Slalom.

21:00 - Nationwide high score competition and Shoddy Mario Bros screenshot

23:50 - Humble Howard tells us about his awesome J-O-B and we make our feelings about him known. John breaks Mike and we hit a massive tangent about.... stuff.

30:30 - Mail Bag. What a first letter! We have a FLOOD of new hits coming in the new year! and more howard love venom! and special guest on the hate train tangent express. and easter egg for the Back to the future 2 that was caused by the letter in the mailbag.

40:40 - Pro's corner hints and tips. Mario gets ignored for the cool trick of hogans alley. and Mike delivers the biggest amazing aftermarth of the Fun Club in the final page of the first issue

Second issue : Summer 1988

45:00 - Headline: Zelda. Story of the great Zelda. Boasting about the battery pack autosave. We plug the Nerdist in the way only we can....

51:30 - Volleyball. Skiing . More Howard talents. and we share some stories. our apologies

59:00 - Wrestling with interesting characters.  Magic Eye

1:03:15 - Pro's Corner - Mario Tips

1:05:20 - Nes Advantage and where is the creator today?

1:06:30 - Amazing Robot Design. and delightful follow up on the designer. and of course theres more tangents.

1:20:00 - Sneak peek. Kid Icarus. Metroid. and only one man has beaten Ganon. Guess who it was?

1:23:00 - Here's Howard! *sigh* More success. and piracy?

1:28:15 - Video ho ho ho's? Handsome Howard rocking the latest nintendo fun club shirts.

1:32:00 - Mail bag. Mike talks enough. for one minute. and horrible tips on making your own fun club.

1:37:30 - How to join the Fun Club.  and we play the crossword!

1:52:15 - Top ROB Titles. other upcoming games. Due apologies to Howard.

1:54:30 - Outro, Obama, Outtake!

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