A Brief Introduction to the concept and hosts and our experiences with Nintendo games and the magazine that made them beatable

This Issue:

Interesting cover with wrong color Mario and a DIFFERENT looking Nintendo villain than intended

The contents of this is surprisingly progressive for the 80's

Mario 2: Arabian Panic. Wrong colors. Not Princess Peach? This Toad can't jump. Memorable villains.

Zelda: Second Quest. Cause you could beat the first quest running off in-game guidance.....

My Los Angeles Angel is a Centerfold

I wish my grade school Counselors were this helpful as this Corner:
Metroid - The first feminist Role model. 
Super Mario - Good advice for the greedy Koopa Krusher
Castlevania - Duane & Brando made me love the soundtrack
Ikari Warriors - Big ol' can of Nope
Mike Tyson's Punchout - Oh Boy. this is great advice for any Mike Tyson you might anger.

To Be Continued....
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