Howdy do April fools! This is issue 11 of Nintendo power. we have our first return guest, John!
we discuss another NES surviving certain doom, Super Mario bros 3, the hidden Japanese influences, and so much more! this might be our best episode ever.

00:00 - Super Mario Bros 3, inside cover, and table of contents

04:45 - Come sail away with the S.S NES, indie power players, and not so helpful counselors.

10:00 - Super Mario Bros 3. So many facts and trivia you might not know. and if you do, then well enjoy us learning. And Mike teaches us how to say blue grass in Japanese. Its impossible to not be racist if you say it properly. so he nails it. What is a tanuki? you DON'T want to know, but you will. and we also talk about the game. how do you get the white mushrooms? is Bowser cosplaying in this magazine?

27:40 - Silent Service. This games looks awesome. And John shows that looks are deceiving. but we do discover a great story of a sad whale and lonely nights on the sub

33:40 - Consumer electronic show of 1990. we have puzzling pleasures and the RPG question is apparently validated here.

39:00 - Pinbot. Protect your cornea. Pastels are coming! and 720! Skate or die has competition. or does it?

42:50 - A Boy and his blob. This game looks stupid enough to rock. and the songs it inspires is pretty boss. and a popular character makes a return.

50:30 - Howard and Nester join forces to tackle Super Spike V-ball. and Nester gets knocked for a loop

53:00 - Wrath of the Black Manta (not Ninja Gaiden) and our suggestion for a better final boss

56:00 - Astanyax. Stupid names are the theme of this game. another dream game.

1:00:00 - Top 30, and Hitler Cop returns!

1:04:00 - Final Fantasy makes it's debut in North America. But it took longer to get to Mike's experience due to it's challenge and his lack of power to play with at the time. This is a new type of RPG. a party, and seeing your characters fight. and selecting them!

1:10:00 - Codename Viper. But the chief has a shallow disguise. You can't fool us, Fuhrer. we know your plan.

1:13:20 - Super Contra. Not Contra 2, or Contra for the super NES. this won't be confusing.

1:16:20 - Dragon Warrior Text adventure. Not a MUD or old PC text adventure. we dive in to play. enjoy!

1:23:00 - Previews of upcoming games. and we discuss Beetlejuice.

1:38:30 - Counselors Corner. Red hair, red faces. Red Russian. everyone is trying to blend into the red backdrop.

1:45:00 - Video Shorts

2:00:00 - Celebrity profile Sara Gilbert from Roseanne!

2:06:20 - The NESTERS Nominees. and outro.

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