l Episode today boys. We don't lose a guest but gained a host as John has joined us. and good news about future episodes. This might just be our best episode ever!

00:00 - Intro and installation of the new host!

03:30 - Cover. Super C. and DinoWarz

06:30 - Mike explores his heritage with a reading of a letter from his homeland. and John debates the cost of body parts vs cartridges. and Ben

10:30 - Power Player Profile. Has Mike met his match? 

12:45 - Final Fantasy with musical accompaniment by Mike, trauma by John, and racism by ben. plus a lot of back Story

24:30 - Super C! Have Ricky

29:46 - DinoWarz. Dear lord this game had such promise. and broke it all. From hacky writing to one color sprites. and John received some trauma instead of dishing it out. maybe this game isnt so bad after all.

36:00 - The Nesters are here again!

41:00 - Howard and Nester reconcile to debug an unmaned game with a warp whistle and racoon tails that enable flight.

46:10 - Hitler cop the game!...  oh it's called Codename: Viper. more hitler jokes. there's NEVER enough hitler jokes. and drug jokes. never enough drug jokes.

57:20 - Burai Fighter.  Ben explains the confusing controls of this side scrolling game.

1:00:00 - Top 30 - we get sidetracked about the current 90's political climate and the ironic symmetry of Tetris.

1:02:30 - New games and Norman Rockwell. Adventures of Lolo. Rocket Ranger. Silius.

1:14:20 - Gameboy games! Batman. Gargoyles quest! Dadealian Opus. Double Dragon and wizard and/of warriors!

1:18:15 - Previews. Ninja Gaiden 2, Golgo 13-2, and Star Tropics! Crystalis!

1:28:00 - Counselor's Corner:Magic of Shaherazade! Babe Ruth! and more interesting counselors

1:33:00 - Classified Information. The Mega Man 2 password code broken for you. 8 eyes triple play and magic douschbros!

1:35:45 - Video Shorts. Phantom Fighter. Jack Nicklaus! Rollerball! Conflict! Ghostbusters 2. Kid Kool

1:47:00 - Nes Journal goes to Boeing! Nintendo Comics! World Class Service! Nintendo power Snacks!

1:53:00 - Celebrity profile: Willy Aames, THE Bibleman!

1:56:15 - Pakwatch. Wurm! Isolated Warrior. Deja Vu. Disturbing clip art, and Big Bird working the corner of sesame street

2:06:00 - New projects on the way perhaps? Players Poll. One of the best prizes ever. at least one that i can "recall" and Outro!

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