Mike went messing with the past and brought someone back from a Fun Club article to chat with us. Katherine Spiers from "How it got in your mouth" the food anthropology podcast, is here to hang out and discuss her show, and her experience with her step-father. Who is he? Just the Gamemaster himself, Howard Philips! Whats it like growing up with Nintendo Power as a predominant element in one's life? We find out this and so much more about Howie the man, the worker, the rocker, the athlete, the driver, and the dad. this might be our best episode ever!

00:00 - Intro. A bit about Katherine and the dangers of Howards celebrity!

20:00 - Cover. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. and Hitler Cop gets a future upgrade in the table of contents

26:20 - Mail Box. It's raining Ben, Halleluiah! Hurricane Hugo wrecks a town but not a Nintendo! Old people and make awesome fans!

37:00 - Final Fantasy Coverage, Treasure Hunt

40:30 - Howard and Nester - Super C! and behind the scenes goodies, courtesy of with Katherine!

49:00 - CES 1990. Turtles 2! Mega Man 3. Miracle Keyboard! Laser Scope Helmet! LJN!

54:50 - Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers. and the terrible secrets of Disney's genocide, racism, and innuendo.

1:06:00 - Snakes Revenge. More scandal!

1:10:00 - Golgo 13-2 The Mafat Conspiracy

1:15:20 - Solstice. A Maze-ingly great theme. Katherine reveals many things about her and Howie

1:22:00 - Crystalis. Mike's In-depth review. and RPG problem tangent

1:31:20 - Centerfold - Castlevania 3. Trevor Belmont getting Katherine a little excited.

1:33:30 - Double Dragon and a Siracha tangent of epic proportion

1:37:00 - Previews - Final Fantasty Legends, Wheel of Fortune, Spider-man, Maniac Mansion and Mission Impossible!

1:49:00 - Top 30, Counselors Corner and the horrible counselors and Katherine shares more tales about Howie behind the wheel.

2:00:00 - New Games, Dungeon Magic and more Howie facts!

2:10:00 - Powerfest 1990, John keeps it street.

2:14:00 - Upcoming Games

2:16:30 - Players Poll! Power Fest! Outro!

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