It's part one of our coverage of Issue 16 featuring Maniac Mansion. We hit the ground running and John delivers a new depth of depravity. Best episode ever? You let us know.

00:00 - Intro and the Table of Contents

04:30 - Mailbox! Nintendo Mom!, MILF Island, Student Experiments! the "Party" party! Disturbing costumes! Mario Question Corner! Video Spotlight!

16:20 - Final Fantasy treasure. Dessert island vacation. John finds a new use for the 2nd prize. Mike tells us who won the warmech hunt!

21:50 - Ben takes us to Maniac Mansion! John praises the Fontwork! Mike sings!

32:30 - Howard and Nester take on the Mafat conspiracy.

37:30 - Top 30, Rollergames. and some Football game that isnt tecmo bowl so John doesnt like it.

44:00 - Classified Information. Instant Tetris, Boy and his blob. and John RUINS the episode with some reddit relic. Mike Sings!

51:00 - Snake, Rattle and Roll! a game made by Howard Phillips!

54:00 - Kickle Cubicle

56:30 - Counsellors Corner. One day they'll look normal.

1:00:00 - Mission: Impossible... to please John. And Special Feature Game Boy! and It's New for game Boy, Man!

1:17:00 - Outro with song by Phil Harris (the voice of Baloo)

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