Ben was sucked into his television set and left Mike and John to carry us to the conclusion of Issue 16 - Maniac Mansion. We discuss the father of Animation. Do yourself a favour and look here ( We apologize for Mike leaving his ipad too close to the mic.

01:45 - Previews: Litte Nemo. First the anime, then the game!

05:45 - The History of Little Nemo's creator, Winsor McCay!

12:30 - Previews: Dragon warrior 2

16:45 - Previews: Solar Jetman!

19:00 - Previews: Ninja Turtles 2!

23:30 - Previews are over. Time for New Games! Dick Tracy! and we get political.

35:00 - Video Shorts. Bugs Bunny birthday Coke party. Giligans Island. Bigfoot! Galaga! Mad Max, Back to the Future 2 and 3. Cabal

49:00 - Nes Journal - Introducing the Super nintendo Spec sheet! and Mike divulges a bit of his past with Video Game Music Soundtracks

57:00 - Celebrity Profile, Will Wheaton and the Nicolas Cage philosophy!

1:03:45 - Nes Controller accessory. Toothbrush, Music Book and Mario Bong! Game Boy accessories and carry cases

1:07:00 - Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon show and Maniac Mansion tv show!

1:13:00 - Miracle Keyboard (Miracle if anyone bought it), Battle Tank, Mega man 3 and Non-Disney Snow White

1:21:30 - Howard writes about his acheivements (Humble Howard bragging? Whaaa....?) Players Poll! and the Ultima grand prize.

1:25:00 - Outro

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