We discuss Castlevania 3 with New York city stand up Kevin Gootee. He's got a show called Comics watching Comics. John isn't here so take that as you will?

00:00 - Intro and Interview with Kevin Gootee

26:00 - Cover- Dr Mario (and his questionable license.) Where's John? and holiday theme inside cover ad. Why are snacks getting smaller

35:15 - Mailbox. and Kevin leaves. and game pak disasters and miracles

44:20 - Solar Jetman!

55:00 - Howard and Ness and Razor tour the Maniac Mansion

59:00 - Little Nemo and his Joy!

1:06:45 - Counsellors Corners. It's a hair-raising extravaganza!

1:10:00 - Dr Mario! It's infectious fun. and of course parents had their fear of games. even this.

1:16:00 - Game Boy Previews, Game Boy Classified.

1:20:30 - Outro

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