Well we are back and so is John. Free from prison we wonder if we made the right call....

1:45 - Mega Man 3. Boy this poster.....

5:40 - Castlevania 3, Draculas Curse. We take so many left turns, we end up with more Doughnuts than Tim Hortons

25:30 - What is Canadian bacon? Top 30. Classified Information. Now Playing. Mike's background noise gets explained. Pak Watch. Mike's Dad.

37:20 - Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants. Skate or Die 2. Earthbound WAS coming to the NES. Seriously we got robbed. Find the Translated Rom

42:20 - StarTropics previews and weird heroes like the Kabuki Quantum (Leap) Fighter, and werewolf/Pokemon. Sports Games. DITKA!

49:15 - Celebrity Profile - Khadheem Hardison. Powerfest 1990!

54:30 - Bulletin Board. Racist Saw. Players Poll. We speculate about Howards domestic troubles.

1:02:00 - Outro

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