We are back with Brandon Boswell and his less than silent laptop (but without Ben) to wrap up issue 21 of Nintendo Power.

1:40 - Special Feature Game Boy (is it special if it's monthly?) we discuss sports. By we, I don't mean Mike.

13:30 - Classified information (mostly Batman talk) and Quentin Tarantino's love affair with the N word. and it's not Netflix

18:30 - Magician. WTF is this ugly looking mess?

22:00 - Power Meter inside story

26:30 - Ultima Quest of the avater. you like RPG's? this looks like one.

31:40 - Classified Information - Dragon Warrior 2. Oh these counsellors. you never disappoint.

38:30 - Players Poll. Virtual reality pods! and the horrifying possibilities!

50:00 - Now Playing. North & South - The racism will rise again!

57:00 - Celebrity Profile, some sports guy! and sex talk. and another sports guy

1:05:10 - Pak Watch, Adventure Island 2, Star Wars, Double Dragon 3.

1:06:20 - Super Famicom Showcase! and Brandons computer starts breaking up as we discuss cats and dogs.

1:12:00 - Sim City on the SNES. Scat, Sword master. Nobunghole's Ambition! Horse porn. and ideal mermaid configurations!

1:24:40 - Outro.

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