We have a Stand up guest. Literally. we have Canadian stand up comic Brandon Boswell on the show as we discuss the utility of the disabled and much more.

02:20 - Cover - Startropics, Inside cover. Voices!

13:00 - Powerline! feels like I'm going to lose my mind. You just keep on pushing my love over the powerline

17:00 - Mailbag! Plus we discuss Terry Fox again!

33:30 - TMNT 2, Man this game is good. We're gonna talk about this for a while.

1:08:30 - Howard and Nester - Mega Man 3

1:11:30 - Quantum Fighter Kabuki Man. we mostly talk Civil War and Brandon shares his preferred suicide method which is pretty nice.

1:23:00 - Classified Information.

1:24:40 - StarTropics. so of course we discuss Okami and which animals are the rapiest.

1:37:30 - Outro

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