Metal Storm is the issue. We have James Millholland from "Is It Worth It?" a retro games review podcast available on the Retro RPG Podcast feed, along with co-star Blaine J to review games and determine if they are worth their asking price online. Check it out! We love this guy, and we get some love from reviews on itunes. So please keep it up listeners :)

06:00 - Cover - Metal Storm. A mech with subtle nazi overtones.

18:00 - Mike "raps" up the mail bag.  

20:15 - Metal Storm. It's a decent platformer that gives Mike Deja Vu

27:30 - Howard and Nester relaxing on Startropics Island! and Juggalos! Because.

35:00 - Startropics. Vuvuzelas, rape whistles and bears. Oh my.

42:00 - Tangents a plenty.
Beards, Johns neighbour, Mike covers Snoop Dogg
(, Grimace, Standford and bad parenting
the Streisand effect. Hulk Hogan.  Canadian Wall Sockets. and we finish Startropics

1:01:00 - Adventure Island 2.  

1:10:00 - Outro

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