We are back with James Millholland to wrap up Nintendo Power issue 22. He tells us about his podcast with Blaine J "Is it worth it" available on the Retro RPG podcast feed

4:00 - Centerfold - Battletoads

9:00 - Special Feature Game Boy. Contra, Boy and his Blob (colour themed feeding system on a black and white screen. no problem here.

14:00 - Special appearance by Mike's dad('s vacuum cleaner)

15:30 - Now Playing. Mike's rage rises. Top 30. Coming soon. Mike rages again

21:00 - NES the inside story

30:00 - G.I Joe. So of course we sing the theme.

40:00 - Now Playing - More text based NES games. and we diss Indiana Jones

44:00 - Princesss Tomato and the Salad Kingdom

49:00 - Nesters are back

1:00:00 - Counsellors Corner

and Mike falls off skype. Bad Mic for Mike.

1:12:00 - Mike returns with an axe to grind.

1:17:00 - Outro

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