We cover Issue 23, with Jeremy as our guest. Jeremy is a con attendee, programmer, super Nintendo Power fan nerd extraordinaire. and a great guest.

Check out his appearance at SXSW (here)
Meeting the voice of Mario himself (here)
his Nintendo power revival page (http://www.powerupnintendo.com)
on Twitter for the power up, here, and Ultra Dolphin Revolution @ultdolrev and website

Get this issue here

and we discuss nerd lines (not a parody of Blurred Lines, but i think we should do that), white and black hat hackers, and scary tech devices that you can't protect yourself from, named after sweet fruit.  Ben fires off a super segue but we end up discussing Dolphin(s) and king of the hill. Mike fires off his amazing impressions.
eventually we discuss the magazine after the horror of Nintendo's fan conscription.

Today's show was brought to you by our patreon donor and previous guest James Millholland! Hopefully he gets his money's worth!

28:20 - Cover - Power Blade

32:00 - Mail Bag: Gulf War, Game Boys, Goonies!

37:20 - Powerblade! We quickley tangent as to why armadillos get hit by cars.

51:00 - Howard and Nester cover Deja Vu. Didn't they already do that?

53:30 - Totally Rad. Gay jokes ahoy!

1:00:00 - Classified Information (and we piss off John talking about Swordmaster)

1:08:30 - The British Invasion (not musical but game developers!)

1:12:30 - SCAT! Poop jokes ahoy!

1:23:00 - Outro

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