We keep things going with Josh Foreman to finish this issue! The morality police came and took John, but we endure!

Also check out Mike on the RPG show!

02:00 - Special Feature: Game Boy! Mysterium, Gauntlet 2, and Ben tells Josh about Golgo 13!
Battle Unit Zeoth, Nintendo World Cup! Wow this game is awesome to talk about! and Mike won't stop the puns! Final Fantasy on Game boy. Oh Boy!

22:30 - Adventures of Lolo 3!

29:00 - Uncle Ben shares advice about eating at Jersey Mikes (no relation to playing with power Mike)

32:20 - Celebrity Profile - Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston of Bill and Ted! Most Excellent!)

36:30 - Players Poll - Mike tears Ben's memory of Hudson Hawk a new one

48:00 - Counselors Corner . and one has earned Mike's contempt for bragging about the game we never got

54:00 - Now playing. Magic Darts, Whomp 'Em, Klash Ball, Laser Invasion headset and Mic

1:01:00 - Pak Watch, Super NES Showcase, Gossip Galore featuring Adolf Howard!

1:07:00  - Outro!

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