Hey there Power Players! We have Josh Foreman on the show! We Talk about the May 1991 issue of NP to discuss Vice Project: D00M and so many awesome things!

He is a level designer on Guild Wars 2 and a great guest! check his links

5:40 - Cover - Vice Project Doom!

15:30 - Art Beat featuring special fan: Maybe someone we know! Disturbing zelda Fan art!

29:30 - Vice Project Doom! Delivering the promise that Bayou Billy failed to deliver

40:30 - Howard and Ness - Monopoly. So of course we make a reference to frosty the snowman!

48:00 - The Rocketeer!

52:00 - The winners of the Nesters!

55:30 - Battletoads!

1:02:00 - Lone Ranger!

1:10:30 - Tail Spin poster (oweee yay)

1:12:40 - Outro

And check out Mike discussing Breath of Fire 2 on the Retro RPG Show with previous guests Nick and Brent!

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