Hey everyone we are back with part 2 of Battletoads and we are picking things up with the Special Feature  Game boy and John regails us with the joy of submarine games

01:00 - Game boy Special. Hunt for Red October. The golden SUB-Standard. RC Pro Am
And four Score for gameboy comes with Super Off Road. woooo......

11:30 - Now Playing - Bo Jackson, Sky raid

14:50 - It's the Final Howard and Nester comic. with Howard's unceremonious exit

19:40 - Day Dreaming Davey. and the dating advice continues

26:40 - Players Poll.

29:00 - Counsellors Corner

38:50 - Celebrity Profile - David Leisure. and sadly Bill and Ted, and the game gear

43:15 - We continue the prime mermaid sexual configuration discussion with Ben this time.

45:30 - Rocking Kats ft someone knocking on Mikes door. The second he has one, someone uses it to disrupt the show. Goodbye floorboard creaks, hello doorknocks.

50 - Outro

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