We got Blaine J from Is It Worth It? It's a podcast about reviewing / appraising a game to deciding if the cost of the game is worth the current asking price on Ebay and collection sites.
Blaine and Mike both have a rep for talking up a storm, so John and Ben ran and hid for this episode but will return to discuss Issue 26 as usual.

When 2 people who dominate conversations clash, what can the outcome be? Let us know what you think as we blend our shows together :)

02:00 - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

08:30 - Hunt for Red October, and what the hell is Sqwoon?

11:30 - Rocking Kats

13:30 - Little nemo

16:00 - Lone Ranger

17:50 - Bart Vs Space Mutants

20:20 - Little Mermaid

21:30 - Bill and Ted (not so) Excellent Video Game Adventure

23:40 Upcoming Super NES Games. Strap in, we're going for a ride

37:00 - Game Boy Games. Rapid Fire

42:00 - Treasure Master, Smash TV and Terminator 2

46:00 - Kung Fu 2 and Uncharted Waters

51:00 - Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

55:00 - Final Fantasy Legend 2 and Outro

Much Thanks to Blaine J and James Millholand from Is It Worth It?

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