We discuss Issue 26  with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. John gets shut down by Ben and Mike for his taste in movies. We get treated to good and bad voice impressions

03:00 - Cover. and what can a gamer do with JUST the SNES console. What can brown do for Robin Hood? Everything. Brown is doing everything. John has a cathartic moment about math. We all do.

11:00 - Mail Bag. featuring conspiracy chat and military game boys

24:00 - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. and we discuss horrible things that Robins horse had to endure with all the men

35:30 - Nesters Adventures (sans Howie) and horrible Sean Connery impressions

42:00 - Rocking Kats and Classified Information

52:00 - Little Mermaid ft Story time with Uncle Ben!

57:30 - Bill and Ted Craptacular Adventure

1:01:30 - Future Gaming SNES Previews

1:08:00 - Outro. with Outtake!

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