We are tackling issue 27 of Nintendo Power featuring Dr Wily. Apologies for Mike's audio. We have a Sex PSA and discover Mario's links to ISIS.

00:30 - Cover - Dr Wily

08:15 - Mailbag with a touching tale of brothers growing up with Nintendo

18:00 - Ninja Gaiden 3. And we discuss VG Stunt videos and Futurama

28:00 - Nester's Adventure. Not the best one here. but we do taunt ISIS and Trump

35:30 - Dragon Warrior 3. Mike is happy. Nobody else is. John does the unthinkable.

50:00 - Counselors Corner.  We got a goldmine over here

57:00 - Darkman. the powerboys experience some friction

1:07:22 - Outro

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