We return to finish issue 27, with Dr Wily's Revenge and Final Fantasy

01:30 - Dr Wilys Revenge. If you want less than Mega Man on NES but more than the Tiger handheld game, this is the game for you. Uncle Ben gives out more electrical safety advice and we all share shocking stories

07:00 - Final Fantasy Legend 2 (covered more on Is It Worth it, good friends of the show) and we discuss swastikas and boxcar moustache.

10:50 - Days of Thunder. and Ben shares a wedding story and his disdain for Miami.

17:00 - Ultimate design your own Gameboy contest!

19:30 - SNES preview! and Mike screws up James name with Randy. John corrupts Mike
and we chat about Phalanx and their unusual choice in box art. Actraiser looks so good.

30:30 - Players Poll Contest. Never has there been a bigger disparity between the shit of a second Prize with the AWESOME of the grand prize.

34:30 - Now Playing. We finally found a game that got a 1 on the power meter. and an interesting wireless headphone for the NES :)

41:30 - Celebrity Profile: Macaulay Culkin

46:45 - Bioforce Ape, American Gladiators, and a terrible joke

59:30 - Outro

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