Welcome to Part 1 of Issue 28 of playing with power. The final issue of Mike's substandard audio. Special shoutout to patreon donors James Millholland, and Peter Guzman! and stay tuned for special announcement regarding a new series on the feed! No links to the Retromags scans since they are gone.

3:00 - Cover: Super Mario World and the intricacies of American Gladiators and an epic mail bag, not to be confused with the Tanuki's male bag

15:00 - SUPER MARIO WORLD! What can we say about this game? a lot apparently. and Final Fantasy for some reason. Mike and John determine who is MORE color blind

38:30 - Nester's Adventure

42:00 - Star wars (not the SNES one). Mike learns the horrible alternate ending to the movie, where Luke is alone at the medal ceremony and also The horrible truth about who shot up the Jawa sandcrawler.

56:00 - Smash T.V. Mike tells us all about his experience playing the wrong SMASH TV
but the NES game had a conspiracy that was adressed by the SNES version. we also go on a toast tangent.

1:06:00 - Kickmaster. Great idea. How can kicking things go wrong? well......

1:12:00 - Wurm. Great concept. any game that has drilling is something John can get behind.  

1:16:30 - Outro and shoutouts! (Shoutro?)

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