The second part of issue 28 of Nintendo Power, and the final episode of Mike's wretched audio. no more reason to apologize after this one! We pick up with one Final Fantasy gameboy game that isnt the awful Fantasy game boy game!

01:00 - Final fantasy adventure - Precursor to Secret of Mana. and a great looking game! and chocobo abuse is impending. Other game boy titles like baseball and marble madness! and we discuss Strokemon. and other Nintendo owned porn titles.

16:30 - Super NES preview! Too many to list, to good to ignore!

22:00 - Now Playing. Boating featuring Woody Allen! and a Counsellors Corner with a horrible map for legacy of the wizard.

35:20 - Celebrity Interview - Bart Simpson

47:00 - Outro! and shout out to Peter Guzman and James MillHolland!

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