Welcome to issue 29, where we tackle Star Trek as the feature game, and Mike begins with sterling clear audio and his dazzling Shatner impression. Join us as we proceed without apology.

01:20 - Cover: Star Trek 25th Anniversary. Then Mike draws parallels between the Fast and Furious and the recent Star Trek movie in the worst way possible.

8:00 - Mail Bag: Kid's ratting out their parents for playing THEIR games. We get Savage AF.

23:30 - WTF-Zero. what does the F and the 0 stand for?

32:00 - Comic: Ne-Star Wars Halloween special

40:00 - Star Trek 25th Anniversary. This game has the best memory chip with dilithium crystal backup for saves.

49:00 - Uncle Ben's Counsellor's Corner.

55:00 - Metroid. the original "Bad Bitch" Samus Aran on her first adventure with proper NP coverage. getting us revved up for the Game Boy sequel next month

1:04:00 - Shatterhand. Featuring an Irish vampire looking dude.

1:11:50 - Outro

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