This week Mike realizes practice Isn't making perfect yet as he stumbles into issue 4. but we recover quickly thanks to Ben

00:00   Intro (botched by Mike)

02:20 The Cover

03:30 Shelves of new controllers! (spoiler! Most are crap!)

10:50 Wrestlemania! Can you dig it? The artwork and typos I mean.

20:30 Captain Nintendo, still unreadable. Now you can do better!

22:00 Can you tell me how to get PAST Sesame Street?

23:30 Zelda 2 - The Legend of Link. conflicting story with nice but misleading artwork.

44:10 Centrefold

45:00 Skate or Die! a game that demands cheating! Speaking Start screen

49:00 Nester at the Olympics!

51:30 Conspiracy at Counselors Corner!

56:00 Classified Information -  Hiring practices, tactical self termination, suggestive techniques!

1:00:00 Marble Madness!!

1:01:00 Operation Wolf. Punisher goes on world Tour?

1:02:00 Are you ready to skip over some Football?! the answer may surprise you!

1:08:30 Metal Gear Semi-Solid

1:10:20 Video Shorts. Crappy games, Resurrection of Jason?! Gyrus, Milli Vanilli more!

1:24:00 Pak Watch. CES is coming to NP! TV shows are coming to your NES

1:25:50 The players Poll has some prizes for us. But are they worth the postage?

1:28:00 Nes Journal. Good news for handicapped Gamers! or is it?

1:30:00 Soundwave. Not the Decepticon, but music appearance by De(Ben) Gibson

1:31:28 Mailbox Memory Malfunctions

1:32:30 Top 30 Roundup and belated farewell to a friend

1:35:15 Whats coming next issue? Ninja Gaiden, Adventure Island, and more!

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