00:00 - Intro

01:20 - Cover - TMNT. Donny is hungry and Raph has strange weapons. Captain Nintendo has something to tell you for a few bucks a minute.

06:00 - Table of Contents and Mail Bag

08:00 - Mail bag rap

10:00 - What is the player choice 10 arcade? What became of this talented artist in the mail bag? check out @mrbozon and see.

13:00 - TMNT personal fallacies, typos, poor artwork and more.

27:00 - The Nester Awards for excellence in 1987. Best PVP Blades of Stool. I mean steel.

30:00 - Bayou Billy part 2. A vest that has proof that bullets exist. Also, Sgt Bullocks dark past.

32:00 - Cobra Triangle. Not a snake girl's coochie. Get your head out the gutter.

34:40 - Life Force still looking good.

35:40 - Mega Man 2 preview!

42:00 - Faxanadu. Not starring Olivia Newton-John. The art work here in-game is atrocious.

48:30 - The Addams family. Uncle Fester's Quest to secure child actor rights and bang Betty Grable.

53:00 - Clash at Demonhead!. Not a concert venue! The aryanization of a Jap-made game.

58:00 - Dragon Warrior. What the fuck is an RPG? Please tell me several times.

1:00:00  - Nester's adventure

1:02:00 - Counselors Corner. Greg Louder living louder.

1:04:00 - Robbie Lawton, story writer and Father's day gifts

1:08:00 - Classified Information - Blaster Master stun lock.

1:10:00 - Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle. The Angry Video Game Nerd did it better.

1:14:15 - Players' Poll stepping up the prizes!

1:15:45 - Nes Journal. Nintendo World! A store within a store. Mike has a song for this. What a treat!

1:18:40 - Another hot girl gamer. 21 Hump St more like it.

1:21:00 - Lockarm. The greatest game that never was. The artist made good so don't weep for him.

1:27:00 - Oh Back to the Future has that distinct LJN style. Can't wait.

1:28:30 - Power to the people. Yeah we need a bit more power, but a tiny red light of hope is coming.

1:33:00 - Ben's lack of Muppet knowledge needed a Rainbow Connection. What's coming next?

1:38:00 - Outro

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