We have a special guest, Tron. He takes a break from fighting the master control program and attending the Player Hater's ball to join us to talk about the robot revolution to crap on the Trump family and Dr Wily in this issue of July/August of 1989. We cannot gush about mega man 2 enough. This issue give delicious artwork and coverage. BTW does anyone know what an RPG is?

00:00 - Special intro, Trump Sr, and the Wily cover. Ben takes issue with the binding for the issue, and the table of contents is misleading

07:00 - The Mail Box. a homemade NES Arcade.  Make a wish kids. Characters after-games lives.

12:00 - Mega Man 2. Damn this game was so good. Precious memories. This guy has more emberassing names than bowie and sean combs and prince combined. Ben delivers a nice treat in the background. buckle up. we're in for a long ride.

42:15 - Faxanadu. Im here all night for you. and talk about an artwork let down.

50:00 - Counselor's Corner. we TROLL a counselor. and a game about counselors. apparantly Jason is a Bosnian discoteque owner

56:40 - Stop Dragon my heart around. The artwork is fantastic. WHAT IS AN RPG? can someone finally tell us? How do I play one? by turning the power on? but can i name it?

1:08:00 - Strider-man, Strider-man. Does whatever a Strider can.

1:12:40 - Robocop. American cybrog-Jesus. and a smurf.

1:16:40 - Ducktales. Woo-ooo

1:19:00 - Who made Roger Rabbit? oh right a shitty production company

1:23:30 - Nester meets the TMNT

1:27:40 - Classified Information. TMNT problems? walk to (and over) the gap!

1:28:10 - Pack watch. Bad Dudes are the only protection for the president. and where is today's tom sawyer? Defender of the crown makes no sense!

1:32:30 - Dog pants. I mean GAME BOY. portable games system! Suck a dick, Tiger hand held electronics! and 4 player games on a 2 controller system? what other controllers do we have to look forward to?

1:45:00 - Game gossip

1:48:00 - Nintendo's centennial. history of the company including what they don't want you to know.

1:52:00 - Super Mario is not only getting a show, but a Super Show!

1:54:00 - Worf is a gamer?

1:57:00 - Deaf gamers can be ripped off equally to hearing abled people. The Players poll is kicking ass!

2:01:00 - Outro

Apologies for the lousy audio. Not all guests have a sweet audio setup so we do what we can!
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