Ben brings another friend, John (with better sound this time!), and enjoys several games featured in this issue of nintendo power. Alcohol might have helped. Join us in the reverie of Issue 8 of Nintendo Power staring Ducktales! Mike's not racist. Just his jokes and myriad impressions....

00:00 - Is Mike just doing skits for intros from now on?

06:30 - Cover talk and a phone in a booth.

08:30 - Mail Box. NES vs Viking Caddy. Mario cake, and an infamous Power Player! and someone challenges Howard to the throne of NP. And gamers in need get denied?!

21:00 - Ducktales - Woo ooo! We got Blue-eyed scrooge tripping balls. Greed is good. How great is the Moon level music?

32:30 - Dragon Warrior again! does John know what an RPG is? how can they fuck up a slime? With power, that's how!

42:30 - NES Satellite of love!

54:00 - Counselors Corner! Did Kevin Spacey plant a pizza to punish Michelangelo? These counselors are hard to look at. and where did they go?

56:45 - Festers quest. how do you reuse the same clipart for a magazine spread? With power, that's how!

1:01:00 - Who framed Roger Rabbit. more like who LIKED roger rabbit?

1:07:20 - GAME BOY! A portable game system! Why does Super Mario have a land he's never been to?

1:15:30 - Willow. but there's no wind in him... Was he in the safety dance video, or just a Ewok outfit?

1:21:00 - River City Ransom. Playing a DouchBro hasnt been this fun! check out the daft punk video with this guy in it.

1:24:15 - Batman. Why purple? John makes a funny

1:28:50 - Classified Information. Useless Mega Man info

1:30:00 - Nester prevails! or does he?

1:34:20 - Video Shorts

1:40:30 - Top 30

1:41:20 - Pak Watch. The artwork is a trip.  we pitch a great tv show!

1:50:40 - Gossip Galore!

1:51:00 - Oh Shit there's a Nintendo cartoon show! Why's Mega Man green?

1:57:45 - What is this? Mort Drucker from Mad Magazine did this but why? The cleaning kit is a great money pit.

2:00:00 - Summer CES. Makes me feel fine. Blowing through the Game paks in my mind.....

2:03:40 - Player's Poll, Sweet Prizes!

2:08:00 - Outro

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