Apologies for the horrible sound. skype screwed us over in an unforgivable manner. we did NOT record with cell phones and we spent hours splicing the best audio we could find to repair it. It's still worth a listen. we had a lot of fun and hope you do too. 

00:00 - Intro with music.  and the power players suffer issue disparity!
05:40 - Table of Contents. Robocop is a hero? Mailbag poet. and creepy serial killer power players pulse.

12:30 - Willow. the original zelda? or is link the original willow?

14:00 - Tetris for the NES. but what is a block moving game? how is it different? is it like an RPG?

18:30 - Howard and Nester. oh boy. this comic. wow. very lawyer safe i guess

22:00 - Super off Road with tips by Ben. Iron Sword with animal tributes by Ben

26:00 - Spoiler alert, NES Endings revealed! we take issue with some of these morals to the stories

32:00 - Power Glove and the Uforce. pray these things never join forces!

36:10 - New Games. Wheel of Fortune jr, Jeopardy jr, and the 3 stooges are looking to buy some ass. No iggy to save us.

42:00 - Game Boy games!!! Super mario land! Revenge of the Gator! Sports games! breakout clones!

46:45 - Previews of games to come for the 90's. But whats with the moon?

58:45 - The Guardian Legend!

1:03:00 - Counsellors Corner! Classified Information! Players Picks! Horse abuse!......wait....what?

1:10:30 - Video Shorts! P.O.W! not the worst abbreviation in the article and with back to the future it wont be the worst game.....

1:13:30 - NES Journal. Sweet Christmas! Capcom Childrens Corner! and the upcoming Nintendo World Championship!

1:18:00 - The Wizard is coming! and chatting with Fred Savage!

1:24:00 - Pak watch. Gossip. Players Poll

1:31:30 - Outro and blatant plugs!

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