Happy Canada day. This epsiode was recorded last year and subsequently impossible to find. But Mike found the raw files for this and edited it once more for YOU. This has got to be a great episode to go through THAT twice. and given it's Canadian content, we decided to bring it to you on Canada Day.

We were requested to cover short order/ eggsplode by (hopeful) listener Jason Wells, but due to technical difficulties we couldnt play it. so rather than face this with any other power pad game, we decided to cover EVERY power pad game and the power pad itself. and we get distracted with Canadian culture, and other beaver talk, and some impromptu karaoke and blasphemy. and then brandon reveals he's readying Mike's notes, poorly. We take numerous stabs at Japanese culture and eachother as well.  Brandon experiences lag that you won't hear cause we record our tracks seperate. but the banter is good so we kept it. enjoy. this is either our worst or best. you decide.

And a canada day bonus at the end for you :)

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