Happy anniversary to our podcast listeners! As a present to you for your loyal listenership, and patreon funding, we have delivered on the promise of a new show hosted by Mike King of PWP fame, and fellow Canadian, Brandon Boswell, frequent guest and lovable stoner/cook!

this is the rough pilot of the Taste Test, a show where we play to completion or frustration, a retro video game every week. We will focus on the NES games, particularly ones that eluded us the first time around or got a passing mention in Playing with Power.  We will air the rest on a regular weekly schedule and even bring you, the fans, in on the rough/gentle loving these games have in store for us, with polls coming up very soon..

This series kicks off with a game that shared some notoriety in the early episodes of playing with power. but can it's gameplay redeem it's complicated appearance, or can you judge a game by it's appalling screenshots?

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