We're back with Brandon Boswell sitting in on the last half of issue 29. We try to talk about castlevania for the gameboy but immediately discuss abominations, atrocities, drugs and cooking.

01:00 - Game Boy Feature: Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge. featuring MerMan. So back to ideal fish/person configurations.

11:30 - Simpsons Escape from Camp Deadly

15:30 - Track Meet. Boy this is racist. Even for Mike.   

20:15 - Monopoly. Classified Information and Now Playing. Does Ben agree with the ratings they gave certain games?

24:00 - SNES top ten questions. and the screenshots here piss Mike off to comedic effect.

34:20 - We call the Nintendo repair line.

35:30 - SNES Preview. Mike learns how to totally deflate John. We debate why Wolverine can't fight Magneto for obvious reason. and Pirates.

46:00 - Celebrity Profile. The guy from Murphy Brown. We take the piss out of eachother for a bit and Mike's dating life gets a mention.

55:00 - Outro

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