Not so much music this time as we try to locate Carmen Sandiego

00:40 - Carmen Sandiego. decent name writing, poor game development.

06:20 - Where in the world is Air Combat? Then Tom and Jerry prompt Mike to ponder where cartoon parents went. and the sewer level really brings out the aspiring game developers in all of the hosts.

18:00 - Faceball 2000 has an awful poster.  Battletoads for Gameboy is a true port. including the turbo tunnel.

23:00 - Kid Icarus leads us to learn about how John earned money in college. Faceball 2000 introduces us to the legions of the Smiling God.

35:00 - Super Nintendo Previews. Finally games with Super in them are on a Super system.
    -U.N Squadron
    -Super Baseball Simulator

41:50  - We loose Ben to his neighbor just in time for the players polls

44:15 - Now Playing
    -Space Shuttle Project
    -Snow Bros
    -Darius Twin

50:25 - Celebrity Profile: Robert Englund. as far as celebs go, he's a CUT above the rest.

57:00 - Coming Soon.
    -Empire Strikes Back
    -Wizards and Warriors 3
    -Bucky O'Hare

1:05:25 - Outro. We reveal the co-host of the upcoming Taste Test coming soon to the podcast feed.

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