Join us as we take on issue 32 of Nintendo power with Castlevania 4 as the cover. We hope you enjoy yourself

00:45 Cover - We discuss auras and leather skirts, and Link channels the kool-aid man and we get told how to hookup our consoles for twice the fun. and the recklessness of game boy and surfing.

12:00  - Players Pulse! gotta say we are not impressed with Gail's remodel of less mail. We see some great models and homemade plushies from fans. Mike continues to learn the states. and we decide to call all 3 Nintendo Power numbers.

25:30 - Mega man 4 has some interesting enemies and we discuss correction officers enjoying their job too much. the various bosses and mythology of Mega man and the terminator connection.

38:00 - Monster in My Pocket. Tiny creature, big adventure. bigger tangents!

50:00  - Zelda comic!  Mike has a great time. And classified information delivers a nugget of comedy.

57:30 - TMNT for Game Boy. Turtles on the go! and Beetlejuice and Prince of Persia!

1:14:00 - Super Mario Adventures! another GREAT comic. Mike is on Cloud 9.

1:22:40 - Outro!

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